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Hedvig is a new approach to insurance. It’s about freedom and being ok with your life, no matter what happens to you. Through an unheard of level of service, we provide fair help everyone’s entitled to. We make people feel special. 


Shaping a new service paradigm

Insurance companies are hard to love. Nevertheless, insurance is something most people agree is a must-have. At Hedvig, we have eliminated the temptation of holding on to our members money instead of paying it back out. For ourselves, we take only a fixed fee of the monthly premium, and the rest of the money is earmarked for paying out claims. That’s why our members can be compensated immediately, and why we have no reason to question them. Two years after launch, we sign more new home insurances each day than some of the incumbents.

Obviously, we’ve got you covered

No one at Hedvig said ”I want to be in the insurance industry when I grow up” as a kid. But true skills always finds a way out, and it seems like the one thing we all have in common is that we’re more into working than posing. 

So if you want to ”transform the lives of people” or ”unleash the world’s creative energy”, look elsewhere. At Hedvig we don’t substitute lofty startup-rhetoric for real perks. We offer true ownership as we believe in building Hedvig together. Everyone gets 30 vacation days and is always responsible for their own time – to work wherever, whenever. There's also meditation classes, climbing crews and game nights going on at Hedvig – because that’s what happens when not only colleagues, but humans, thrive. 

I think few companies have so many individuals with good intentions and high talent. You're trusted to take on almost any challenge, but you’re never alone in it. That is what makes it fun!


Guiding principles

In trust we trust
As an insurance company, we default to trust. And we’ve noticed that if you get it without having to earn it, greatness happens almost instantly

The status is not quo
We can’t reshape an entire industry by being ordinary. So we push ourselves beyond the extraordinary and try out things that sound too crazy to work.

Be real
By being authentic and showing who we really are, we become closer as a team. Genuine emotions is a beautiful thing. We don’t judge, instead we try to put ourselves in your shoes.

We’re grown-up now
Our success is never up to someone else. All of us take ownership for our own actions and reflect on our behaviors to continuously grow.

Agree to disagree
We don’t fear the truth, we actively pursue it. By pushing each other to find a better approach, friction is likely to happen. But above all, it will lead to new solutions that we all can stand behind.


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